New blog, first post.

An intro to us and the Moho

Well, I am new to this. So a brief intro before we get down to it.  I am ‘Me’, my wife is ‘She’ and the 2012 Auto-Trail Comanche is the ‘Motor home’.  We were lucky to be able to retire early and lived in Turkey for nearly 9 years. We returned to the UK in December 2015, just in time for Christmas.  Well I say just in time, we arrived back on the 17th December, signed for our house on 18th and moved in on the 19th.  Then had 5 days to buy food, crockery, and anything else we had forgotten, ready for a Family Christmas day in our new house.  Anyway, I digress.

We had always wanted to travel and talked about buying a motor home one day to travel the UK and Europe.  She is a glass artist and one day in March 2016 we were visiting one of the places she buys her raw materials from.  On the way we spotted a caravan sales site and decided to pop in on our way back.  Thus we bought our 1st caravan, a 2002 Bailey Senator Arizona.  Totally unplanned but we thought lets get on with it and see if we enjoy the 1st step to our ultimate goal.  So we had some great times in 2016, with a few cock ups I can tell you, but the big bug bear was having to make up a bed every night and put it away every morning.  Her was not happy.  So, at the beginning of this year, May to be precise, we upgrade our ‘van to a 2008 Eldis Crusader Super Sirocco.  This was better, a French bed so no making up a bed every night.  So off we tootle to Devon and Cornwall in June.  But Her was not happy about me having to climb over her during the night.  I hasten to say that was for the night time toilet call of nature.  When we got back we dropped off the ‘van at the service depot of the firm we bought it off, South Hereford Motor Caravan Centre Ltd, to have a couple of minor issues sorted.  We were drooling over a motor home they had there for servicing and the engineer told us they had one similar at the showroom.  So we popped up there but that one was out of our price range.  Christian, from South Hereford, informs Me and Her that another one was coming in the following day.  So back we pops the next day.  There we saw the 2012 Auto-Trail Comanche.  It had only been in for 1 hour so we saw her with all the crumbs, bird poo and cobwebs in situ.  Well she ticked all the boxes so we just had to have her.  An hour later the deal was done.  My financial adviser, ‘She’, negotiated a cracking deal.  That must have been a record for the quickest sale and the quickest one of their caravans came back as a part ex deal.  We took delivery on 3rd July and our 1st trip away started on 5th July.  More about that later.

So that is how we came into motor homing.  So how do I end up creating this blog?  Well we spread our good news on social media, as you do, namely Facebook. One of my old friends asked if I was going to start a travel blog about our future journeys.  She thought it was a good idea too. So here I am, sharing our travels and experiences with all and sundry.